Welcome to The Marksman Armory and Archery

Range Rates


Gun Range
$22 per hour

$12 per 1/2 hour

$12 charged for up to 30 minutes of shooting. After 30 minutes, rates is prorated by amount of time range is used, up to $22 per hour. Range times over one hour prorated at $22 rate.


Two people shoot for:

30 min -- $12.00

35 min -- $13.67

60 min -- $22.00

75 min -- $27.50


Archery Range
$10 per hour


Private Rentals
$100/hr for all 6 gun stalls
$100 for all 7 archery lanes
*Must rent on off-hours or on Mondays
*Full Equipment rental available for range use



Memberships: Full
Full Memberships
(allows access to both gun and archery ranges)

6 months: $200

1 year: $350


Memberships allow shooters unlimited range access for the given time period purchased.  While using the gun range, members are allowed 1 guest per visit to join them in the use of one firing stall.  During peak busy times, members may be limited to 1 hour of shooting per day.